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Senran Kagura - Homura

I managed to get one of these awesome limited Dark Souls rings from Namco Bandai’s VIP corner!

Luck +10 :D

After being torn about buying her or not, she had finally been sold out. So when I noticed that a shop I was watching still (or again) had some figures for kind of what I knew as the “starting price”, I just had to order. Sideshow Collectibles’ interpretation of Poison Ivy is almost too beautiful and the details are amazing! And I was really lucky to receive a piece without major issues, nor ugly paint job, neither the googly eyes and she does fit into her base without problems.

So far the crown of my collection and absolutely worth it! :D

Hello! I have a question: Where did you get the Insane Black Rock Shooter and DVD Collecter's box set that came with other goodies? Thanks!

Hi! I got them from a german shop for mostly japanese figures and merchandise. Unfortunately they’re out of stock now as well =/ Are they already so hard to get?

What are the length and width of that Cloth map? I want to frame mine.

About 50x35cm :)

Interactive Visual Novel

Guys, I’ve got something on my mind:
How about an online visual novel with the possibility of influencing story, decisions, paths and artworks via mails and finally polls about which ideas will be included at the end of each path about which ideas will be included in, let’s say, weekly cycles? Would you join this?

I saw these Digital Devil Story Chronicles trading cards box a while ago om ebay and though I didn’t find any pictures of the cards, I finally got myself to buying them. And I didn’t expect that they’re this beautiful! Instead of the usual cardboard cards, this box is filled with lots and lots of transparent plastic cards, which shine brilliantly when stacked and additionally each pack contains a white cardboard card to put beneath in order to improve visibility. If you love the MegaTen series, this is a must have!

It’s Christmas! I totally forgot to upload the Castlevania - Lords Of Shadow 2 Collector’s Box. Actually I’m really not sure about this one. The box is made of cheap cardboard, the figures look like 1$ crap, the artbook is kinda weird, only the steelbook looks great. Also the tomb box looks nothing like the one shown on pictures before release. And still I like the emblem and the Belmont writing, giving the box a quite classy look from afar :D

The game itself seems mixed as well. Futuristic stuff feels weird for a Castlevania game, still it’s really atmospheric and dark. Controls are a bit strange at times as well (rats anyone?). Graphics have their weak moments but are convincing and absolutely beautiful most of the time. Overall the game feels good and is ansolutely worth it!

Just after receiving the BRS Ultra Limited Box, Black Rock Shooter - The Game arrived - as Premium White Edition! Again this box contains a limited Figma, this time with White Rock Shooter, and additionally the box contains an artbook and the game’s soundtrack. Nice!

This is by far the most expensive collector’s box in my media collection for now! Some days ago I watched the Black Rock Shooter TV Series and quite liked its style. Afterwards I noticed this box, had some interest in it … which faded when I saw the price. As I noticed though that this baby is limited to 500 pieces and seems to be sold everywhere, it didn’t seem that expensive in comparison, so I immediately orderes one! Even if I wouldn’t like it anymore (which I highly doubt: awesome series and box!), I could still sell it for at least the same price! Also Figmas are just awesome! :D

I lend Tales Of Symphonia from a colleague a while ago and played it a bit on my Game Cube. I kinda liked it and wanted to get a copy anyway, so why not the upgraded version? Also I finished Tales of Xillia recently, which intensified my decision. The box looks great and I’m sure that the game itself will be fun as well!

Stay tuned for the Castlevania - Lords Of Shadow 2 Collector’s Edition and another special item :)

Even though I already own the standard game, I really wanted the big box, so here it is! :D